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Dorr Bothwell: Artwork

A Singing Bird Nests in My Heart: self portrait by Dorr Bothwell (1942). Oil on canvas. Private collection.

Dorr Bothwell’s Portraits: Family and Self

Dorr Bothwell’s Portraits: Friends

Port Gamble Landscapes

Samoa (1928-1929)

Dorr Bothwell’s Ceramics (1936-1938)

WPA Project: Youth & Democracy Fresco (1938)

WPA Project: The De Anza Monument (1940)

Manning’s Coffee Murals (1940-1942)

WWII Illustrated Diary (1942)


Nigeria & North Africa

Dorr Bothwell’s African Sketchbook

Tahiti, Bali & Hawaii

China & Singapore

Not Quite the Same: Variations on Themes

Three Dancers and Other Monotypes

Seasons, Holidays & Celebrations

Keepsakes, Souvenirs, Memories

Alphabets, Watchwords & Blessings

Mandalas, Icons, Shrines & Altars

Signs & Portents series

Time Portals, Samplers & Gaze Stones

Water, Woodlands, Mountains & Desert

Mendocino Fences

Aunt Dell & Red Roses for Bill

Innocence series

Dorr Bothwell’s Cats

Dorr Bothwell’s Dogs

Dorr Bothwell’s Birds



Tau/Tao series (1992-1994)

Antes de Muerte

Dorr Bothwell’s artwork in galleries

All works of visual art by Dorr Bothwell are © 2022 The Dorr Bothwell Trust, Mill Valley, California. For permission to reproduce images by Dorr Bothwell, contact
Marlys Mayfield, Trustee, the Dorr Bothwell Trust.

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