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William Zacha (1920- 1998)

William Zacha: spinner of tales, visionary catalyst, founder of the Mendocino Art Center

Divine Inspiration, Creative Genius. A Whim.
Bill Zacha: A Life Well Lived
William Zacha: Artwork

Dorr Bothwell (1902-2000)

Dorr Bothwell

Dorr Bothwell in Her Own Words
Dorr Bothwell
Dorr Bothwell: Artwork

Hilda Pertha (1911-2011)

Hilda Pertha. © Hilda Pertha archives. Do not use photos without permissions.

Hilda Pertha
Artist’s Statement
Hilda Pertha and Connie Korbel-Mickey
Hilda Pertha: Artwork

Fran Moyer (1922-2007)

Fran Moyer

Artist’s Statement
Fran Moyer
Fran Moyer: Artwork
Fran Moyer: CV

Toshi Yoshida (1911-1995)

Toshi Yoshida

Introduction to Toshi Yoshida
More about Toshi Yoshida
Toshi Yoshida: Artwork

Charles Marchant Stevenson (1927-2004)

Charles Marchant Stevenson

Charles Marchant Stevenson in His Own Words
Charles Stevenson
Charles Marchant Stevenson: Artwork

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