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Fran Moyer Retrospective, Mendocino Art Center (2002). Photo: CG Blick
Fran Moyer Retrospective, Mendocino Art Center (2002). Photo: CG Blick

Artist’s Statement

I used to have a lot to say about art – ideas, theories and so on – but now the thoughts seem to have sunk beneath the surface of some inner dark pond.

What hasn’t disappeared beneath the pond scum is a delight in the elements of art: Color with all its tensions and excitements and Form – natural form in the real world and, I guess you’d have to say, unnatural form – the kind that artists push around on canvas, hack out of wood or stone, build out of different materials or squelch out of clay.

You can’t beat nature for either form or color, of course, but on a good day you can’t match the delight of pushing, hacking, building or squelching stuff around and having it fall into almost all the right places.

As Louis Armstrong said, “It’s a WUNNAFUL WOILD.”

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