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Mendocino on the rocky north coast of California has always been a special place. It calls to special people who bring their unique gifts to Mendocino and who are in turn transformed by it. Mendocino called to Bill Zacha.

This site is a memorial to Bill Zacha, a tribute to keep vivid his memory, his life and considerable accomplishments, including his art, his founding of the Mendocino Art Center and his remarkable influence on the lives of those with whom he came in contact.

One of Dorr Bothwell's favorite questions was, "And how did YOU come to Mendocino?" She knew that everyone who comes to Mendocino has a story - and by visiting Zacha's Bay Window Gallery Online, you too have come to Mendocino.

Zacha's Bay Window Gallery shares the stories and showcases the art of six distinguished artists, Mendocino Art Center founder William Zacha and five others, Bill's friends who came to teach at the Art Center and stayed to make Mendocino their home.

William Zacha - internationally celebrated painter, sculptor and serigrapher

Hilda Pertha - acclaimed sculptor, designer, serigrapher, collage artist and painter

Dorr Bothwell - renowned painter, serigrapher and collage artist

Toshi Yoshida - master woodblock print artist

Fran Moyer - gifted sculptor and painter

Charles Marchant Stevenson - visionary painter and serigrapher

Virtual Gallery

Virtual galleries for each artist provide a selection of works for sale as well as a growing archive of works for art lovers and scholars. Explore the art of William Zacha, Hilda Pertha, Dorr Bothwell, Toshi Yoshida, Fran Moyer and Charles Marchant Stevenson.

The Website

For an overview of the website, see AN INTRODUCTION TO OUR WEBSITE.

Non-sales-related questions about our artists, their art or our website, should be directed to our archivist who will be glad discuss them.

Zacha's Bay Window Gallery in Mendocino

In addition to the Bay Window virtual gallery, there is a physical gallery where the work of the Bay Window Gallery artists may be seen and purchased - Zacha's Bay Window Gallery at Prentice Gallery on Main Street in Mendocino.

Zacha's Bay Window Gallery opened in 1958 and for over fifty years has always represented the very best of Mendocino's many artists.

In 2008 Prentice Gallery, including Prentice Gallery Fine Art Framing Services, joined Zacha's Bay Window Gallery, two distinct yet harmonious galleries, both under the direction of Lynne Prentice, sharing the historic space at 45110 Main Street, Mendocino, California.


Please refer to our POLICIES page for Zacha's Bay Window Gallery policy information, including our policies on privacy, selling art on consignment, Toshi Yoshida special orders, insurance estimates and other matters.

The Archive Project

Each of the Zacha's Bay Window artists has a vast body of work, most of which is dispersed in museums and private collections worldwide. In our virtual galleries, as well as presenting work for sale, we are gathering historic images of each artist's work for our growing permanent online archives for art lovers and scholars.

We would be grateful for digital photos of artwork currently in private collections, also biographical information, archival correspondence, essays and articles, reminiscences and personal photos for our online museum archives, for example the September 25, 1962 Look magazine article, A YOUNG MAN SAVES AN OLD TOWN.

If you would like to share photos or information about our artists, contact our archivist.

When sharing artwork from your private collection, please include the artist's name, the medium and dimensions of the work, title and year when known, and a professional quality digital photo when possible.

In order to preserve your privacy, archival artwork is listed online as "Private Collection".

Questions or personal messages for the family of Bill and Jennie Zacha will be forwarded to them.

News From Our Mendocino Gallery


We are celebrating the publication of a lavishly illustrated book on Dorr Bothwell, Straws in the Wind: An Artist's Life as told to Bruce Levene. Straws in the Wind is the result of historian Bruce Levene's many interviews with Dorr Bothwell in the 1980s. Bruce Levene, a gifted interviewer, is also the book's editor. Levene spent years collecting and studying Bothwell's work in order to choose full color images of the over 200 works of art illustrating the range of Bothwell's work. Dorr Bothwell's keen perception and generous spirit shine as she recounts her extraordinary life in art. A portion of the sales will benefit the Mendocino Art Center and Kelley House Museum in Mendocino.

Take a look: Visit MendocinoBooks.com to preview or purchase Straws in the Wind: An Artist's Life as told to Bruce Levene.


For over fifty years Bill Zacha's Mendocino Art Center has been the heart of the North Coast. Now Art Center Director Lindsay Shields has created the Zacha Legacy Society. Its mission is to prepare the Mendocino Art Center for the future, and you are invited to share in this visionary endeavor.

To learn more about the Zacha Legacy Society, and for information on how to become a member, contact Lindsay Shields: 707-937-5818, ext. 12.


See Charles Marchant Stevenson's magnificent large format paintings throughout the Healing*Arts Center on Main Street a few doors west of Zacha's Bay Window Gallery. Inquire at the Healing*Arts desk or call Director Anna Rathbun for an appointment: 707-937-0476.


Bill Zacha's cast bronze nude male figures are uniquely beautiful sculptures with a power that belies their size. To see all the Zacha Bronzes, look in William Zacha under Virtual Gallery (left). Call Lucia Zacha for more information about the Zacha Bronzes: 707-937-3777.


A choice selection of Master Toshi Yoshida's woodblock prints will soon be available through the Mendocino Art Center. All are direct from the Yoshida studio; many are handsigned in pencil. For more information, contact Claire Amanno at the Gallery Shop: 707-937-5818 x14. See these scarce, irreplaceable treasures while you can.

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