Tokaido Journey Box

Tokaido Journey Boxed Set

In 1985, William Zacha created a limited edition of 41 presentation boxes, each holding a complete set of his Tokaido Journey serigraphs.

Each serigraph represents one of the stations of Japan’s old Tokaido Road as seen in the late 20th century.

Link to William Zacha’s introduction to Tokaido Journey, the Tokaido Journey serigraphs, and information about Tokaido Journey, the book.

Tokaido Journey, the book, is a companion to the series, fully illustrated with a page for each of the serigraphs and its story, with William Zacha’s texts in Japanese and in English.

Here are some details of the Tokaido Journey box.

William Zacha’s Tokaido Journey boxed set, open to title page, with an endpaper list, The 53 Stages of the Tokaido Highway. Limited edition (1985).
The 53 Stages of the Tokaido Highway: endpaper, boxed set of William Zacha’s 55 Tokaido Journey serigraphs (showing box fasteners). Limited edition (1985).
The dark navy cloth-bound Tokaido Journey box unfolded: on the left, a map showing each station on the Old Tokaido Road, on the right, The 53 Stages of the Tokaido Highway, and in the center, the stacked serigraphs of William Zacha’s 55 stations, with 01.Nihonbashi on top. Limited edition (1985).
Route of the Old Tokaido Road, overleaf, from the boxed set of 55 Tokaido Journey serigraphs by William Zacha. Limited edition (1985).
Silkscreened title page of the Tokaido Journey presentation box holding the complete set of William Zacha’s 55 Tokaido Journey serigraphs. Limited edition (1985).

To ask about the availability of individual Tokaido Journey serigraphs, the boxed set, or the Tokaido Journey book, contact Mendocino Art Center Gallery Director Leslie Campbell by email, or phone her at  707-477-9595.