Tokaido Journey book

Tokaido Journey: the book

The book Tokaido Journey is the companion to William Zacha’s 55 Tokaido Journey serigraphs.

Each of the Tokaido Journey serigraphs represents one of the stations of Japan’s old Tokaido Road as William Zacha saw it in the late 20th century.

The book is fully illustrated, with a page for each of the serigraphs and its story.

Link to William Zacha’s introduction to his Tokaido Journey, the Tokaido Journey serigraphs, and the Tokaido Journey Box .

Tokaido Journey is available from the Mendocino Art Center Gallery (Little Lake Street west of Kasten).
To buy the book, or to ask about individual Tokaido Journey serigraphs, or the boxed set,  contact Mendocino Art Center Gallery Director Leslie Campbell by email, or phone her at  707-477-9595.

In addition, Tokaido Journey is carried by Gallery Bookshop (corner of Main Street and Kasten Streets in Mendocino), open daily 9:30 – 6, and until 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays (707-937-2665).

Tokaido Journey was written and published by William Zacha,  Mendocino, CA 95460, USA (1985). 64 pages. Full color illustrations of William Zacha’s fifty-five serigraph series, contemporary vignettes of the stations of the ancient Tokaido Road, connecting the Shogun’s castle at Edo with the Imperial palace at Kyoto. Texts in both Japanese and English. Japanese translation by Abe Setsuko and Matsuoka Haruo. Design by Miyake Akio. Photographs by Kimura Taro. Printed in Japan by Abe Photo Printing Co., Ltd. © 1985 William Zacha. All rights reserved.

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